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Starting your own coffee shop or brand can be an exciting and lucrative adventure, but there are many steps in successfully launching and scaling your business. Many entrepreneurs think it starts with buying your own roaster and traveling to a coffee growing region to develop relationships with small coffee growers. But this is far from reality.

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For newer shops and brands, it may seem like you must buy a roaster and become and expert in roasting coffee, but this is not the case. It's much more cost—and time—efficient to contract the roasting of your coffee to an established coffee roaster at the start—or even longer term.

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It can also seem like you have to buy coffee directly from origin—and travel to South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia to buy green coffee from specific farmers that you have befriended. This is also a myth.

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Download the GhostLabel App and access all of our features through your Shopify account. Browse coffee options, get samples, talk directly with manufacturers, and dropship to your customers.

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Even established roasters utilize the services of coffee traders, who specialize in sourcing and importing coffee from around the world—as well as contract manufacturers and packers (copackers), that know how to manufacture coffee products that meet food safety standards.

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Still, it can be difficult to find trusted manufacturers and secure your branded products. Getting a good price and meeting MOQs (minimum order quantities) is another challenge.

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That's where GhostLabel can help. On our platform, you can interact with verified coffee roasters and copackers. GhostLabel provides clear MOQs and price thresholds for different grades of coffee and coffee products—so you can be sure that you are getting a good price for the product you want to make.

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Starting a coffee shop or brand doesn't have to take months or years of searching for reliable partners, or the capital to buy your own roaster—with GhostLabel you can identify a manufacturing partner and start your coffee line with a few clicks of a button.

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