Pricing for the GhostLabel Shopify App

The GhostLabel app only charges upon successful manufacture of your products—and for warehousing and drop-shipping to your customers. There are no fees to explore the app or our product catalog.

Manufacture Pricing

GhostLabel fees are charged based on manufacturing costs

There are two payments at this stage:

1) Deposit on manufacture of your product

2) Payment for shipment to our warehousing partner.

Manufacturing charges are paid in the GhostLabel Shopify App through Square (for Card payments) or Plaid (for ACH transfers).

You can use our pricing calculator to estimate what you'll pay. Just enter the total manufacturing costs to get started.

Total Manufacturing Costs

First Order


Warehousing and Drop-shipping Pricing

All warehousing and drop-shipping costs are charged through shopify.

ServicePricing modelCost (in USD)
ReceivingFlat rate

$42.50 for the first two hours

($54.50 per man hour after the first two hours)

StoragePer bin, shelf, and pallet$48.50/pallet/month, $12/shelf/month, $6/bin/month
Pick and pack feesPer shipmentFree for the first 4 picks, then $0.30/pick
Standard packagingIncluded in total fulfillment costFree
ShippingCarrier pricing passed directly on to client

Varies based on destination, weight, dimensions, shipping speed, etc.

(see chart below for more information)

Estimate Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated based on billable weight and distance from warehouse.

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