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Customize coffee and tea products for dropshipping

Looking to start a coffee or tea business? Or simply add coffee and tea options to your store? Do it with GhostLabel—we’re a manufacturing-on-demand dropshipping supplier that makes it easy to find the right product and work with a verified manufacturer to bring it to life.

Use our app to browse coffee and tea options, get samples, talk directly with manufacturers, and dropship to your customers. Build your brand the easy way—build it with GhostLabel.

  • Simple set-up. Register and begin customizing your products.
  • Easy-to-use tools for managing your products.
  • Validated manufacturers that make food and beverage products.
  • Custom branding with dropshipping options.

How it works

Browse products

Using the Product Catalog feature, you can browse a variety of offerings from GhostLabel’s verified network of suppliers.

After finding the right product, you can Submit an Inquiry to the manufacturer with your required quantity, initial specifications, and additional information or questions.

GhostLabel product catalog
negotiate inquiry with manufacturers

Talk directly with manufacturers

We take care of the hard part in finding manufacturers and setting up your project. You can use the GhostLabel dashboard to check Projects & Product Inquiries, view details for specific inquiries, edit those details to your liking and even talk with manufacturers when and if you need to.

Manage your product‘s manufacture with our project management tools

After the manufacturer approves your final inquiry, you will automatically have access to the Manage Project page. Here you can request samples, approve formulations, share files securely, pay for your product, and arrange warehousing.

project management dashboard
sync inventory with shopify

Sync inventory with your Shopify store and fulfill orders

Once your product is in our partner‘s warehouse, you can sync the inventory with your Shopify store and start dropshipping to customers.

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Talk to our experts and learn about how GhostLabel can help bring your product vision to life.

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