Ghost-label Your Specialty Coffee & Tea Product Lines on Shopify

GhostLabel works with a national network of speciality coffee and tea manufacturers to make the products you want for your Shopify store.

Coffee and tea are some of the fastest growing product segments in the US today. It may seem like an impossible feat to start your own product line, but there are more and more tools available to help you break into the sector. Using an ecommerce platform such as  Shopify  along with a product sourcing app like GhostLabel can be an economical and less risky way to get your foot in the door.

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GhostLabel allows you to source, customize, warehouse, and ship products to customers all from you Shopify account. Our App is completely integrated with Shopify, so you don't have to worry about tracking inventory or fulfilling customer orders yourself—all these processes are automated and tracked in your account.

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tea farm landscape
tea farm landscape
tea farm landscape

Download the GhostLabel App and access all of our features through your Shopify account. Browse coffee and tea options, get samples, talk directly with manufacturers, and dropship to your customers.

Build your brand the easy way—build it with GhostLabel.

Unlike other product sourcing apps on Shopify, The GhostLabel App gives you complete control over the formulation and customization of the products you sell while still freeing your time to take care of the branding and marketing of your products.

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GhostLabel works with a national network of roasters and importers to provide competitive pricing on a wide range of customizable products. Whether you want to create your own blends or white label some of our partners products, GhostLabel gives you the tools to offer quality products at competitive prices for your customers so everyone can win.

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